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Condemning racism

What’s your reaction to this photo of Peter Cvjetanovic? Peter… Read More

Considering Tom Holland’s Dominion — part 1

19th October 2019 // By Glen Scrivener PART ONE Last week I interviewed Tom… Read More


Four Thoughts on Evangelistic Events

In last week’s post – 10 Tips For Planning a Mission Week – I raised a… Read More

What is the turning point?

Where’s the turning point in the parable of the two sons? Is it the moment… Read More

6 Reasons Christ Must Be The Centre

Last week we thought about where we centre our evangelistic preaching. Too often we focus… Read More

20 Things An Evangelist Should Believe

1. God is mission. As Father, Son and Holy Spirit our God is Sender, Sent and Proceeding. Read More

The air we breathe

Discover the Christian roots of the values we prize in western society in Glen's new book 'The air we breathe'.



Trinitarian Trajectories

In my debate with Musharraf Hussein (listen to the audio, read some follow-up reflections here and … Read More

How To Avoid Idolatry: Become A Trinitarian

In last week’s post I began to reflect on my debate with Musharraf Hussein. I made… Read More

Moses’ Doctrine of God is Not Muhammad’s

Recently I debated Imam Musharraf Hussein on Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable show. We explored the topic of… Read More

Atheist Humanist. Pick One.

8th February 2020 // By Glen Scrivener Can Atheism Deliver A Better World? Recently… Read More

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