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Glen Scrivener and Paul Feesey discuss what’s news in the world and what’s new in evangelism.




How To Make The Most Of Christmas! – SLP274

If it were an evangelistic campaign, Christmas would be the most effective in history. Millions come to a standstill to worship Jesus, the ‘campaign songs’ are piped into shopping malls the world over. But how do we make the most of this stunning opportunity. Glen Scrivener and Paul Feesey discuss how churches and individuals can share Jesus, face to face and online. They are also joined by John Lovell of Christian Vision. Their goal is to “reach a billion” through evangelistic media.


What’s going on and how can we tell? – SLP273

Media bias is a given but what do we do about it?


Kind To Be Cruel – SLP272

Everyone from Matthew Parris to Barack Obama has pointed out our Wokier Than Thou call-out culture. In this LIVEcast, Paul Feesey and Glen Scrivener discuss how ‘niceness’ has become weaponised in our discussions. In the name of tolerance (for the ‘right views’) we silence and deride those who are ‘wrong.’ But what’s the way forward?


Yeezus to Jesus – What to Make of Kanye’s conversion? – SLP271

Kanye West used to compare himself to God, now he says he’s Nebuchanezzar – humbled, saved, and preaching the gospel. What do we make of this? And the reactions to it? Join Paul Feesey and Glen Scrivener as they discuss the fall and rise of one of the worlds biggest celebrities.


Tom Holland and the Christian Revolution that built your world – SLP270

In Glen’s recent interview, Tom Holland says everything we hold dear is ultimately the product of the Christian revolution. We talk about human rights, science, and the church in this episode of the LIVEcast.


How Christianity Got Dominion Over The World (An interview with Tom Holland) SLP269

On this weeks show we have for you a very special edition of the Speak Life Podcast. Glen Scrivener has been out of the studio this week and we have for you a conversation between him and author Tom Holland, about his new book Dominion. Enjoy!


Words that hurt, words that heal – SLP268

We discuss the language of Westminster and ask whether it enables violence. We also discuss the legislation of Westminster, which certainly does enable violence. Also on the show: How to speak into the issues of mental health and where to find peace.


Feelings Don’t Care About Your Facts – SLP267

Today we discuss Thomas Cook going bust, FIFA enforcing gender equality, whether we’ve outgrown Dawkins, and the key to finding your purpose. Join us!


Demonise or Humanise – SLP266

When the Guardian demonise it’s political opponents but a photo competition humanises animals, is there something wrong with us? Paul and Glen discuss with the help of our new interns!!!!!!


The Way, The Truth & The Life – SLP265

A brief introduction to our new interns plus a sermon from Paul on John 14.


These Are Not The Heroes You’re Looking For LIVEcast – SLP264

From Ben Stokes to Josh Harris to Marty Sampson — Glen and Paul discuss the kinds of heroes we look to and how it can go wrong.


Communicating To The Culture: Acts 17 – SLP263

Glen’s talk on Acts 17 from the recent Catalyst Conference.


Interview With Esther O’Reilly: Faith Is Not A Burden – SLP262

This year, Jordan Peterson said he didn’t want to claim to believe in God because who could bear such a burden? Esther O’Reilly wrote an incisive article explaining that faith is not a burden. It’s trusting the One who lifts our burden. Hear Glen’s interview with her.


Interview With Paul VanderKlay – SLP261

Glen speaks to American Pastor Paul VanderKlay about the way in which Jordan Peterson is attracting people to the church.


Sam Harris vs Jordan Peterson – SLP260

Glen shares his thoughts on the 2018 debate between Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson, touching on issues such as relativism, holy war, human sacrifice, slavery and religion.


Are You Plugged In? Interview with Dan Strange – SLP259

Glen Scrivener talks to Dr Dan Strange about his brilliant new book, Plugged In, and how we can engage the culture with the gospel of Christ.


Can We Face The Future? LIVEcast – SLP258

What does the FaceApp craze tell us about ourselves, our culture and the future?

Is Religion Harmful? – SLP257

How do Christians feel about “religion”? We’re like a woman who’s always been dead against the institution of marriage. But then she meets a guy. Maybe she even marries him. Why? Not because she believes in marriage per se, but because she believes in him. Christians are those who have ‘met a guy’

Have We Reached Peak Pride? LIVEcast – SLP256

What happens when force is used to shape a culture’s beliefs? On all sides of the sexuality debates, hearts and minds are being by-passed and we’re all paying the price. Join Paul and Glen as they discuss Pride Month 2019 and the reactions to it.

When Christians Are Compromised LIVEcast – SLP255

Today we talk about the Church of England’s new Digital Charter for online engagement; Stormzy’s appearance at Glastonbury; and a tragic case of abuse within the church which has surfaced recently. How should we react when our Christian witness is compromised like this?

Persons Before Power LIVEcast – SLP254

Today we talk about the Court of Protection’s ruling to force abortion on an unwilling mother; the question of character in politics; and the new Amazon Prime show, Good Omens.

Getting Down With The Kids – SLP253

Today we discuss two approaches to autism covered in the news. We also chat through the question: What’s our approach to reaching the culture; Acts 17 or 1 Corinthians 1?

We Must Be Trinitarian – SLP252

On this week’s LIVEcast and with the approach of Trinity Sunday, we think about how being clearly Trinitarian can help us share Jesus with others.

John Cleese, Jordan Peterson & Jurgen Klopp – SLP251

This week on the LIVEcast we discuss the “religious” nature of call-out culture, Jordan Petersons definition of faith, and Jurgen Klopp’s exemplary evangelism. Join us!

Interview With Peter Leithart – SLP250

Glen Scrivener discusses mission and evangelism with Peter Leithart.

Interview With Rebecca McLaughlin – SLP249

Rebecca McLaughlin has written a terrific book, taking on 12 objections to Christian faith. She talks to Glen Scrivener about the book, about proclaiming Jesus in a secular age and reasons to be hopeful in the church.

10 Prayer Killers LIVEcast – SLP248

On today’s LIVEcast we examine 10 enemies of our prayer lives and how to fight back. We also discuss a fascinating interview with Dr Sharon Dirckx about neuroscience, consciousness and Christianity.

Persecution & The Global Church

In the wake of the Sri Lanka bombings, we discuss persecution and the global church.

Grief and Hope at Easter, with Ryan and Amy Green. LIVEcast – SLP247

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss the fire at Notre Dame, and we finally release the full interview with Ryan and Amy Green who, five Easters ago, lost their third son, Joel, to cancer. Their warmth and wisdom are life-transforming. Listen.

Reaching The Negatives LIVEcast – SLP246

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss evangelising those who are far from the gospel.

Navigating Social Media: Interview With Alastair Roberts – SLP245

Glen speaks with Alastair Roberts of the Davenant Institute and the Theopolis institute about technology, social media and how as Christians we can navigate it. Alastair Roberts is a writer, scholar, youtuber & podcaster.

Huge If True LIVEcast – SLP244

On this week’s LIVEcast, Paul and Glen discuss virtue signalling online, jumping to conclusions and preaching Christ in Revelation 4.

Responding To A Massacre LIVEcast – SLP243

Today we discuss responses to the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand and address the question: Are the Gospels fairytales?

Pancakes, Death, The Bible & Singleness LIVEcast – SLP242

It’s Shrove Tuesday but what does Lent have to say to a culture disconnected from life, death and the body? How can we answer questions about the Bible? And how might embracing the goodness of singleness be a witness to the world?

5 Problems With The Bible LIVEcast – SLP241

On this week’s LIVEcast, we delve deeper into our 5 short videos that look at some of the problems people have with the Bible.

Truth Over Tribalism LIVEcast – SLP240

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss the debate between Sue Thayer (ex-Planned Parenthood) and Ann Furedi (BPAS) on a recent episode of Unbelievable? We also reflect on university missions at Warwick & Southampton and discuss how we should respond to recent scandals in the church.

Andrew Wilson: Spirit & Sacrament – SLP239

Glen interviews pastor Andrew Wilson about his new book “Spirit & Sacrament: An Invitation To Eucharismatic Worship”, in which he calls the church to join together two traditions that are frequently and unnecessarily kept apart.

Sam Allberry Interview: Singleness, Family & The Mission Of The Church – SLP238

Sam Allberry of St Mary’s Maidenhead and speaker for Ravi Zacharias ministries speaks to Glen Scrivener about singleness, family and the mission of the church.

We’re All Nihilists Nows LIVEcast – SLP237

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss the recent article in the daily mail on antinatalism and how it points to a larger shift in Western thought. We also look chat about our interview with Andrew Wilson and his new book, “Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation To Eucharismatic Worship.”

Questioning The Questions LIVEcast – SLP236

When party lines are drawn, how can you be persuasive across the divides? This week we talk about questioning questions.

Tribalism, Toxic Masculinity & The March For Life LIVEcast – SLP235

What does tribalism look like? On today’s LIVEcast we talk about media pile-ons, the march for life, toxic masculinity and answering questions with questions.

Russell Brand & Candace Owens: Left, Right & Looking Up LIVEcast – SLP234

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss the recent discussion between Russell Brand & Candace Owens.

The Rise Of The Nomi-Nones LIVEcast – SLP233

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss the fall of atheism, the rise of hate and seeing our true evil.

How To Take Over The World LIVEcast – SLP232

It’s a choc-a-bloc Christmassy feeling LIVEcast this week as we discuss how to take over the world, cultural engagement and Christmas preaching. James Cary has thoughts on whether Jesus was funny and Tom Holland talks about the pity and the power of the Cross.

Beyond BREXIT Battles! LIVEcast – SLP231

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss our video “10 Questions To Get You Beyond BREXIT Battles” in a bit more detail.

Christmas Video Resources LIVEcast – SLP230

On this week’s LIVEcast, Paul takes a look at some Christmas video resources you could use in your church this Christmas. And stay tuned until 29.40 to hear Glen’s Christmas talk given at the University of Southampton carol service. You can download all our videos here & find the others here, here & here.

The Death Of John Allen Chau LIVEcast – SLP229

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss our the death of John Allen Chau, killed on North Sentinel Island, and what ramifications it has for cross-cultural mission. We also talk to Jeremy Hambrice & Jack Crabtree about their missionary work in Papua New Guinea.

Abortion, Brexit & The Argument For God From Beauty LIVEcast – SLP228

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss our latest abortion video as well as offering our thoughts on Brexit. We also chat about our weekend mission to All Saints Crowborough.

Interview With John Wyatt & Preaching On Adultery LIVEcast – SLP227

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert and how to preach on adultery, as well as take another look at our interview with Professor John Wyatt on what we see and what we say about the unborn.

The Vital Distinction Between Sins & Crimes LIVEcast – SLP226

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss Remembrance Day, The Gospel In 90 Seconds, the distinction between sins and crimes and Glen’s recent talk with Paul Vanderklay about how Jordan Peterson exposes the failings of the church.

Halloween & YouTube Atheist Discussions LIVEcast – SLP225

On this week’s LIVEcast, we discuss Halloween and look at Glen’s recent youtube live discussion with two atheists, Tom Jump and ThinkClub.

Protecting the Unborn & Reaching The New Age LIVEcast – SLP224

On this week’s LIVEcast we reflect on the issue of abortion after our experience at the recent Brephos Conference. We also chat briefly about our time sharing the gospel at the Mind, Body & Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace.

Royal Baby, Gladiators & Assumptions In Evangelism LIVEcast – SLP223

On this week’s LIVEcast, we discuss royal babies, Glen’s trip to Newcastle (including a meeting with a real life Gladiator!) and the place of assumptions in our evangelism.

Where Do You Get Your Morals From? LIVEcast – SLP222

On this week’s LIVEcast, Glen gives his thoughts on the recent criticism of Christians Against Poverty and we think a little more about the debate between Sean McDowell & Hemant Mehta, this time focusing on where our morality comes from.

What Would It Take To Convince You You’re Wrong? LIVEcast – SLP221

On today’s LIVEcast we chat about recent news that University Fresher’s week are introducing alcohol free events as news emerges that 40% of students are choosing not to drink. We also look at the debate between Sean Mcdowell and Hemant Mehta on Unbelievable USA and ponder ‘what would convince you to change your mind?’

Humble & Patient 2 Samuel 5:1-16 LIVEcast – SLP220

Unfortunately our LIVEcast didn’t record to a good enough standard this week, so instead, enjoy this recent sermon that Glen gave from the book of 2 Samuel.

Gendercide, Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson LIVEcast – SLP219

This week, Paul and Glen discuss Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson’s views on relativism and wars in the Old Testament. And don’t miss Glen’s monologue on pre-natal screening and gendercide!

How Losing Well Can Be A Gospel Win LIVEcast – SLP218

On this week’s discussion, we chat more about Glen’s interview with John Dickson and how losing well can be a gospel win.

Interview With John Dickson LIVEcast – SLP217

This week, Glen talks to author, broadcaster and evangelist John Dickson about how to witness well in a post-Christian age. In this paradigm-shifting chat they discuss how losing well in the culture can be a genuine gospel win.

Interview With Steve Rees LIVEcast – SLP216

On this week’s LIVEcast, Paul chats with Reverend Steve Rees about his journey of faith and his thoughts on evangelism in a large church setting.

Interview With Luke Sedge LIVEcast – SLP215

This week Paul chats to Luke Sedge about finding faith as an adult as well as how his faith helps him face cancer.

Interview With Tom McDowell LIVEcast – SLP214

On this week’s LIVEcast, Paul talks to Tom McDowell about his life growing up in Northern Ireland, his time serving as a Royal Marine in Iraq, his battle with alcoholism and his subsequent coming to faith.

Interview With Dave Alexander LIVEcast – SLP213

In this week’s LIVEcast, Paul chats with Dave Alexander about how he came to faith and how his faith helped him through his brother’s illness as well as job worries.

Interview With Ian Barnard LIVEcast – SLP212

In this week’s LIVEcast, Paul chats with letterer and designer Ian Barnard about how his faith impacts his work. Check out Ian’s work over at his instagram page.

Interview With Sam Wilkes LIVEcast – SLP211

This week, Paul chats to Sam Wilkes about how he came to faith and what the challenges are of being a Christian at school and at university.

Interview With Fay Summers LIVEcast – SLP210

Paul interviews Fay Summers about life growing up in an abusive family and how Christ’s grace had a huge impact on her life.

Interview With Andrew Wilson LIVEcast – SLP209

This week, Glen interviews Andrew Wilson about his new book, Echoes of Exodus.

Won’t Jesus Rob Me Of My Freedom? LIVEcast – SLP208

On this week’s LIVEcast we talk about the summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. We also think more about our latest thorny question: Won’t Jesus Rob Me Of My Freedom?

How Can I Cope With Suffering? LIVEcast – SLP207

This week we discuss how we can cope in a suffering world and also why willpower doesn’t work.

The Power of Love & the Power of Life LIVEcast – SLP206

This week, we continue our thoughts on Michael Curry’s wedding sermon, as well as discussing the result of the Irish abortion referendum.

Why Is The World So Bad? LIVEcast – SLP205

This week we talk about the royal wedding sermon and the third video in our mini series on suffering: Why Is The World So Bad?

Why Doesn’t God Do Something About Suffering? LIVEcast – SLP204

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Liam Steele about Christianity in North and South Korea. We also take a deeper look at our video on God’s response to suffering.

Cultural Appropriation & Child Loss LIVEcast – SLP203

On today’s podcast, Glen shares his thoughts on cultural appropriation, as well as speaking to Peter Ould regarding his thoughts on the Alfie Evans case.

Aren’t All Religions The Same? LIVEcast – SLP202

On today’s podcast, we discuss the case of Alfie Evans and also take a deeper look at our videos on other faiths.

Freedom Of Speech & Comedy LIVEcast – SLP201

Today we talk to comedy write James Cary about freedom of speech and comedy.

What About Other Faiths? St. Andrew’s University – SLP200

This week’s podcast is a recording of a lunch bar given by Glen at St Andrew’s University mission week 2018, with the title What About Other Faiths?

Is Science The Enemy Of Faith? LIVEcast – SLP199

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss the second and final part of our Thorny Questions video on science and faith: Is Science The Enemy Of Faith? We also discuss Jeremy Corbyn, anti-Semitism in the Labour party and mothers who regret having their children.

Interview With James Carey – SLP198

James Cary is a comedy writer for the BBC. He has written for Miranda, Milton Jones and co-written Bluestone 4-2 for BBC 3. In this discussion, James and Glen discuss the ironies of the cross and the great happy ending which the resurrection brings. This week’s podcast is a recording of a lunch bar given by Glen at St Andrew’s University mission week 2018, with the title What About Other Faiths?

Is Faith The Enemy Of Science? LIVEcast – SLP197

On today’s LIVEcast we discuss our latest Thorny Questions video: Is Faith The Enemy of Science?

What Do We Do With Our Doubts? LIVEcast – SLP196

On today’s LIVEcast we’ll be live from All Souls Church, Langham Place chatting about their mission week. We’ll also be thinking about Marvel’s latest offering “Black Panther” as well as thinking about our Thorny Question video: What Do We Do With Our Doubts?

Religions: Aren’t They All The Same? St. Andrew’s University – SLP195

Today’s podcast is a recording of a talk that Glen gave at St. Andrew’s University during their mission week in February 2018.

Can We Trust God? LIVEcast – SLP194

On today’s LIVEcast we discuss Christian testimonies: how not to give them; Forgiveness: how not to get it; Self-help: how not to seek it and God: how not to doubt Him.

Is Science The Enemy of Faith? St Andrews University – SLP193

This week, Glen gives a talk recorded at St Andrew’s University missions week, on the subject “Is Science The Enemy of Faith?”

Is God Real? LIVEcast – SLP192

This week, recording from Glasgow University Mission, What’s New, What’s News, and this week’s Thorny Question: Is God Real?

Why Does God Care about My Sex Life LIVEcast – SLP191

This week: Grief in the public eye, the abuse scandal to rock gymnastics, and our Thorny Question: Why Does God Care About Our Sex Lives?

Why are Christians so WEIRD about SEX? LIVEcast – SLP190

Today’s Speak Life Podcast we talk about THAT interview with Jordan Peterson as well as our latest Thorny Question: Why are Christians so weird about sex?

Post-truth LIVEcast – The Speak Life Podcast – SLP189

In this episode of ‘The Speak Life Podcast’ we discuss our Post-Truth video as well as Trump vs Oprah for 2020. What do you think would be the equivalent of Trump/Oprah here in the UK?

Hypocrisy – Speak Life Podcast- SLP188

This is the first of our podcasts with a new name, The Speak Life Podcast! It’s also the first of a new LIVE format, where we discuss a variety of subjects, some of which are based on our latest YouTube video.  Today, Glen and Paul discuss “Hypocrisy”, Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle, and a video from the BBC.

Interview with Scott Jones – TEP187

Glen Scrivener was invited onto Scott Jones’ podcast Give and Take, where they talk about Meet the Nativity, The Queen, Trump and more!

Christmas and Preaching – TEP186

Glen Scrivener and Paul Feesey talk about Christmas and Preaching. Preach sermons that are Athenasian, Atoning and Abasing rather than those that have an Abrupt mention, an Apologetic angle or are Anselmian!

The State of Evangelism in the UK today – TEP185

Glen Scrivener was invited to speak on Premier Radio’s ‘The Profile’ podcast with Sam Hailes.


Meet the Nativity Christmas Outreach – TEP184

Our Christmas outreach, “Meet the Nativity” launches on 27th November 2017. Paul interviews Glen about it, and then Glen interviews James Cary who’s co written #MeetTheNativity with Glen. You can listen to James’ podcast here.


Reaching out to the New Age – TEP183

Glen and Paul talk to George Osborne from Lumina Ministries about their recent attendance at the New Age Exhibition at Alexandria Palace.


The Reformation: Glory Alone – TEP182

The last of our series on the Reformation, Paul Feesey and Glen Scrivener discuss ‘Glory Alone’, looking Martin Luther’s ‘Alone’ conclusions.   Watch the ‘Glory Alone’ video here.


The Reformation: Scripture Alone – TEP181

In this mini-series on the reformation, Paul and Glen get to ‘Scripture Alone’, looking Martin Luther’s ‘Alone’ conclusions.   Watch the ‘Scripture Alone’ video here.


The Reformation: Faith Alone – TEP180

This week, Paul and Glen discuss one of Martin Luther’s ‘Alone’ conclusions – ‘Faith Alone’.  Watch the ‘Faith Alone’ video here.


The Reformation: Grace Alone – TEP179

This week, Paul and Glen discuss one of Martin Luther’s ‘Alone’ conclusions – ‘Grace Alone’.  Watch the ‘Grace Alone’ video here.


The Reformation: Christ Alone – TEP178

Speak Life are launching a series of videos based on the ‘Solas’ (or ‘Onlys) of the Reformation, beginning with ‘Christ Alone’. Glen and Paul chew things over, looking a bit deeper and what it means. Check out the first video here.


Why the Reformation Matters – TEP177

500 years ago, on 31st October 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on to the church door of the Wittenberg Cathedral. On this episode, we look at what the reformation was, was NOT, and why the reformation still relevant for today. In a similar way, we can fall under Luther’s criticisms of the church – we can often change the Gospel to put the onus on the sinner to get themselves right with God, and to ‘sacrifice themselves‘ for God, rather than knowing God’s sacrifice for us.


On this show, we look a the nature of God, particularly as seen in the Old Testament, in the light of Glen’s recent debate on Premier Radio. We look at ‘the Angel of the Lord’, and see references to the Tri-Unity of God. To here the whole debate, you can visit the Unbelievable? website. There’s more on the episode page


Interview with Paul Feesey – TEP175

Paul Feesey has joined the Speak Life team! Glen interviews him on his background, conversion, youth work and preaching!



Trinity in the Old Testament – TEP174

Do you consider ‘the Trinity’ to be just a New Testament doctrine – something introduced in the Bible when Jesus was born? Not so! Jesus appears in the Old Testament too! Glen talks about his debate with Musharraf Hussain on Premier Radio’s Unbelievable? show.  Hear the full debate here.  Also, Glen has written a blog post on the issue, and also, has a whole section on Christ in the Old Testament on his personal blog.


What are you living for? – TEP173

What are you living for?  We may be tempted to use friends to gain money, but Luke 16 tells us we’ve got it the wrong way round, we need to use money to gain friends.  We listen to a sermon that Glen preached recently.


Racism & why it’s everyone’s problem – TEP172

This episode, we look at the events at Charlottesville, and the subject of racism.  What’s your reaction to the issue? Andy and Glen chat about racism, and see that actually, we all love to distance ourselves from one group or another. We love to put ourselves in the best light.


Interview with Michael Ots (number 2!) – TEP171

Glen travelled up to Lewes to catch up with Michael Ots and ask some questions whilst strolling along the River Ouse after lunch. Between marching through mud and hopping over stiles, they discuss what it’s like to evangelise in Europe, talking about the nature of God to Muslims, and other issues!



Surprising Gospel Strategy #4 – TEP170

This is our fourth Surprising Gospel Strategy, ‘Don’t Build Bridges’. Often we would say we need to build a bridge from where a non-christian is in their thinking, to the Christian position. However, Glen makes the point that actually, it’s much better to start from the Christian position, and invite them over!


Interview with Ben Virgo – TEP169

Ben Virgo of Christian Heritage London spoke to Glen Scrivener about their new book ‘The Freedom Movement‘, an evangelistic book on the reformation.



Interview with Justin Brierley – TEP168

Justin Brierley is a presenter on Premier Christian Radio.  He has been running a show called ‘Unbelievable’ for many years, interviewing some high profile atheists and Christians.

In this episode, we ask him about his background, his show and his new book, ‘Unbelievable‘.


Surprising Gospel Strategy #3 – TEP167

Our third instalment in our ‘Surprising Gospel Strategies‘ series, is ‘Don’t tell them that Jesus is God’! Apart from the ‘click bait’ title, there is some real truth here. Sometimes our evangelism starts with who God is, and then we try to convince them that ‘Jesus really is God’, but John 1:18 flips things on its head…


Tom Schmidt: using Meetup in Evangelism – TEP166

Meetup is a networking app that enables you to find specific interest groups in your local area. Tom Schmidt uses it to draw local people to discuss things regarding Christianity. Tom is a church planter and met up with Glen Scrivener at the ‘Story’ Mission at St Mary’s Church, Wootten.


Surprising Gospel Strategy #2 – TEP165

Often we feel we must stay and win the argument – we feel others are wrong, and we are right. Is this the right strategy? It is best way? There are times when it’s better to ‘move on’ from one conversation to start another elsewhere.

Surprising Gospel Strategy #1 – TEP164

This may come as a surprise to some, but it can be better to shut the doors of the church, in order to reach more people with the Gospel. Glen explains in more depth, taking some advice from the Reformation. Also, news of our new ‘Patreon Campaign‘!

The Trinity and Evangelism – TEP163

As of publishing, this coming Sunday is Trinity Sunday, so we thought it would be good (like last episode) to do something ‘calendar related’, connected to Trinity Sunday.  On first thought, the doctrine of the Trinity may seem too complicated for non-Christians to grasp.  Not so, says Glen Scrivener! Listen to this podcast to find out more.
Oh, and here’s an article Glen wrote on the subject.


The Holy Spirit and Evangelism – TEP162

As of publishing, this coming Sunday is Pentecost, so we thought it would be great to have a conversation about Pentecost, and the role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism. Note from the episode are available here.

The Ascension, and why it’s the answer to Terrorism, Trump and the Transfer Market – TEP161

Today is Ascension Day! Today’s podcast is about how the Ascension relates to current issues: What is the ascension? Why is it the answer to the Election? Why is it the answer to Brexit? Why is it the answer to Terrorism? Why is it the answer to Trump? Why’s it the answer to the Football Transfer Market? Happy Ascension Day Everyone!

God’s Missionary Glory and our Glorious Mission – TEP160

Glen Scrivener to the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership on the subject of God’s Glory. Also, here’s a related blog post that Glen wrote for Union Theology.

Freedom and Why None of Us Have It – TEP159

Often what we want in life is ‘freedom’ but as Glen Scrivener explains, what we expect to be freedom, often ends in bondage, expectation is different from reality.  We also talk about More talks at


Glen Scrivener – Is Life a Comedy? – TEP158

Glen Scrivener went to St Mary’s, Maidenhead the other week, and gave this talk. Be a fly on the wall, as Glen looks at whether life is a comedy or a tragedy. More talks at


Glynn Harrison – TEP157

On this episode of The Evangelists’ Podcast, Glen Scrivener talks to Glynn Harrison about how to talk to people about the Christian’s view of sexuality.  Glynn’s new book ‘A Better Story’ discusses the biblical vision for sex and marriage.

Glen Scrivener, Interviewed – TEP156

On this episode of The Evangelists’ Podcast, Glen Scrivener is interviewed by Owen Batstone and James Hughes from Calvary Baptist Church in Ogmore Vale, Wales. We also mention the opportunity to come and study with Speak Life in September. Check out for more details.



A New Day: Emma Scrivener – TEP155

Glen’s wife Emma Scrivener spoke to Glen about her new book, A New Day, which reflects Jesus through the deep trouble of life that we go through from time to time. Emma’s website is



Story Mission – TEP154

Glen met up with some of the organisers behind the Story Durham mission at Durham University, to find out why this mission has been so well attended, and what it is about telling stories that is so compelling. Sam Udy, Noah Strange and Niv Lobo give some behind-the-scenes stories.


Love Story, the myth that really happened – TEP153

Glen’s new book looks at the Easter Story, starting with an interaction between C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien, about the truth of myths.  Initially, Lewis said they were ‘lies breathed through silver’, but Tolkien said he was wrong – they were not lies. In this episode, Glen reads the first chapter of his book.



Interview with Rico Tice About ‘Capturing God’ – TEP152

Rico Tice is an associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, and he’s a co-author of Christianity Explored. In this episode, we ask him about his new book titled ‘Capturing God’ and is available here.


Interview with Ray Comfort – TEP151

Ray Comfort is an international Evangelist and Street Preacher from New Zealand. His Living Waters ministry has gone global on Satellite TV, Radio and the Internet.  Well known for being the home of ‘The Way of the Master’, Ray has encouraged millions in sharing the Gospel with training courses, and has produced 300,000,000 gospel tracts! more…


Resources for Christmas and the New Year – TEP150

For our Christmas video, we were only able to use a small fraction of the interview audio.  In this episode, we listen to a little more of what was left on the cutting room floor!  Also we highlight our other Christmas videos, a re-release of Reading Between the Lines coming in 2017 and news of a very special guest on the Evangelists’ podcast in the New Year!

Christmas Videos with Dai Woolridge and Dan Rackham – TEP149

‘Tis the season for Christmas videos! Dai Wooldridge and Dan Rackham have produced videos for Christmas for a number of years now, and Glen gets to talk to them about their offerings for this year.


The Evangelist and Money: Martin Povey – TEP148

Martin Povey belongs to Roger Carswell’s Assiciation of Evangelists, which has a stipulation that they never ask for money.  Glen and Andy chat to Martin about how he became a Christian, and then an Evangelist, and what it means to ‘live by faith’.

The Evangelist and the Family: Ali Campbell – TEP147

Ali Campbell is a Youth and Children’s Ministry Consultant. Listen as he talks to Glen Scrivener about being how we approach childrens work in the ministry of the church.  Are they fully integrated into the family of the Church? How can we best serve them as valued members of Christ’s body?


The Evangelist and the Church: Josh Williamson – TEP146

Josh Williamson returns to The Evangelists’ Podcast to talk about the relationship between the Evangelist and the Church. Glen Scrivener and Josh talk about how we integrate people into the Church despite their history, and how important it is for Evangelists to work in connection with the Church.


Lost in Wonder: Peter Mead – TEP145

Peter Mead returns to the Evangelists’ Podcast to tell us about his book, Lost in Wonder, which looks at how our relationship with God resembles marrriage.  Glen and Peter look at questions such as How does God’s story related to marriage? How can we be ‘the bride of Christ’? Why should you put down his book and read the bible instead?!


The Evangelist and the Bible: Rico Tice – TEP144

Rico Tice is an associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, and he’s a co-author of Christianity Explored. Glen Scrivener caught up with him to ask about ‘The Evangelist and the Bible’


Paul Williams, Author of ‘If You Could Ask God One Question’ – TEP143

Paul Williams is the author of the book ‘If You Could Ask God One Question’.  In it he answers 13 of the most commonly asked questions.  Glen caught up with him whilst on a mission in Eastbourne.


Nate Morgan Locke – Life Explored – TEP142

Nate Morgan Locke is an Evangelist with Christianity Explored Ministries, and he talks to Glen about the new ‘Life Explored’ course.  Nate talks about the content of course and the theology behind it.

Comedy Writer, James Cary – TEP141

James Cary is a comedy writer for the BBC. Glen Scrivener talks to him about the funnier side of faith, and how we can use comedy to aid telling people about Jesus. James has written The God Particle Play, which explores dialogue between science and Christianity.


Ros Clark, Online Pastor – TEP140

Ros Clark is the Online Pastor for the Church of England in Lichfield. She communicates in all sorts of ways online, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Glen talks to Ros about what it’s like engaging with strangers you don’t even see face to face.


Interview with Peter Ould – TEP139

Peter Ould is a highly regarded commentator on issues of the Church and sexual identity, broadcasting on the BBC and other national and international stations. Glen Scrivener talks to Peter about sex and sexuality when talking to people about Jesus.


Politics and Power Struggles – TEP138

The UK has had another round of political power struggles. “Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts, absolutely” We’ve heard the saying, but Glen suggests it’s not actually true!


Brexit and the Blame Game – TEP137

The UK’s EU Referendum has split the country right down the middle. Not only that but in the aftermath, we’ve all started blaming each other. Who’s fault is it? What’s going on, and how can we get to the root of the issue? Andy and Glen talk about our ‘social reaction’ to #EUReferendum, and about Glen’s rant in the car.

Does Christianity Really Offer Us Freedom? – TEP136

In this episode, Glen answers the question “Does Christianity Really Offer Us Freedom?”. Some perceive Christianity as a long list of rules that need to be kept, rather than a way of freedom. How can we answer this effectively to show that it is a liberating way of life, not without trouble, but free?

Michael Ots – TEP135

Today’s guest on the Evangelists’ Podcast, Michael Ots speaks at university missions all over the UK and abroad. Glen chatted with him at the European Leadership Forum to ask him about his work and finds out how he answers challenging responses such as, “Are you saying all religions are completely wrong?”, “Are you saying I’m going to hell?”, “Doesn’t religion cause all war?”

Peter Mead – The Heart of the Evangelist – TEP134

What goes on in the Heart of the Evangelist? Peter Mead, author, pastor and teacher talks to Glen about what it means to be in fellowship with Christ, and have His heart for reaching the lost.

Preaching the Gospel in Dark Places, a look at Mental Health – TEP133

Depression may affect more people than we realise, and many continue in it without any intervention. How can we help people, further than a sympathetic pat on the back?

Interview with Jonathan Carswell – TEP132

Jonathan Carswell is the founder of, a publishing and distribution ministry, involved in selling evangelistic material in bulk for as cheap as possible.

Interview with Josh Williamson part 2 – TEP131

Last time, we spoke to Josh Williamson, an Australian Evangelist (director of Open Air Campaigners in Australia), who came over to the UK and got arrested for preaching! This time, we hear more about his day to day work.

Interview with Josh Williamson – TEP130

Josh Williamson is an Australian Evangelist (director of Open Air Campaigners in Australia), who came over to the UK and got arrested for preaching!

Easter Outreach – TEP129

This time we highlight our latest video ‘If you had been here’. Glen explains some of the thinking behind it, before we hear the soundtrack. Video is here

Angry Evangelism – TEP128

It’s often frustrating when people you talk to don’t believe. However, is it right to get angry at them because of it? Glen and Andy discuss the problems of getting angry when we evangelise.

Opportunities in the Student World – TEP127

On this episode, Glen Scrivener talks to Andy Brinkley about the different facets of Student Missions, and reports on his 3 week tour of University Christian Union Missions.

Does Science Leave Room for God? – TEP126

Glen is currently away in Sheffield, but he’s left us a recording of his talk he did at Reading University, ‘Does Science Leave Room for God?’

How do I Know I’m Doing Life Right? – TEP125

When we’re wrong (and don’t know we’re wrong), it feels exactly like we’re right. How can we discover the truth? Glen gives a talk from the University of East Anglia.

Who’s Afraid of Religious Extremism? – TEP124

Talking to Muslims about the Identity of Jesus – TEP123

Merry Christmas, and news of a new project – TEP122


Dan Rackham – TEP121

Today, Glen speaks to YouTuber, Dan Rackham, creator of the John Lewis Video remake!


Four Kinds of Christmas – TEP120

There are four kinds of Christmas. Which are you?


Reaching out at Christmas – TEP119

This week, we take a break from our current series on speaking to other faiths about Christ.
However, we take a look back at the last few episodes, talk about Glen’s schedule, and talk about the outreach.


How to talk to Sikhs about Christ Part 2 – TEP117

Glen continues his chat with Clive Thorne.


How to talk to Sikhs about Christ – TEP117

In this series about speaking to people of other faiths, we have come to witnessing to Sikhs about Christ. Glen talks to Clive Thorne.


How to Talk to the New Age about Christ part 2 – TEP116

This is the second half the interview with George Osborn. George goes on to talk about the more practical side of speaking to spiritual people about Jesus.


How to Talk to the New Age about Christ – TEP115

Despite years of secularism, there are still many people who firmly believe in the supernatural. George Osborn didn’t believe in the supernatural until a friend at school came across a Ouija Board. This began an involvement with the Occult that nearly got him killed. After conversations with a curate from a local church, who prayed with him regularly, a change began to happen.


How to Talk to a Jehovah’s Witness, Part 2 – TEP114

This is the second instalment of the interview we did with Stand To Reason’s Timothy Barnett.  This episode continues with some twitter submitted questions.


How to Talk to a Jehovah’s Witness about Christ – TEP113

Many people have met a Jehovah’s Witness on their doorstep. How can we speak to them and talk to them about the truth of God? In this episode Glen talks Timothy Barnett from Stand to Reason about Jehovah’s Witnesses.


How to Talk to a Muslim about Christ – TEP112

This episode is the second half of the interview we heard last time with Jay Smith.  It features the more practical side of witnessing to Muslims.


How to Talk to a Muslim about Christ – TEP111

We’ve been looking at how to talk to people of different faiths.  In this episode, Glen talks to Jay Smith about Muslims, and how he talks to them about Jesus.


How to Talk to a Mormon about Christ – TEP110

This week, we listen to the second half of the interview, with more practical points on what to talk about, how to engage them, and Glen asks some twitter submitted questions!

How to Talk to a Mormon about Christ – TEP109

What are Mormons, and how can we talk to Mormons about issues of faith? In this new series of episodes, we look at how to talk to people of different beliefs, starting with Mormonism.


Quick Answers to Quick Questions 4/4 – TEP108

Continuing our series on quick answers, we cover answered to responses such as “There’s no need for God, science explains it all.”


Quick Answers to Quick Questions 3/4 – TEP107

Continuing our series on quick answers, we cover answered to responses such as “There’s no need for God, science explains it all.”


Quick Answers to Quick Questions 2/4 – TEP106

Continuing our series on quick answers, we cover answered to responses such as “There’s no need for God, science explains it all.”


Quick Answers to Quick Questions 1/4 – TEP105

We cover some quick answers to deep questions that people ask, such as Who made God?, and


God and Mission – TEP104

Before we talk to strangers on the street, Glen reminds us what we need to know before we go!


Talking to Strangers about Jesus – TEP103

To some, the thought of talking to complete strangers about Jesus fills people with dread.  Glen invited Geoffrey Hilder to lead a group of people to go into the town to have ‘Christian street conversations’.  The results were surprising!


Stop Giving Your Life to Jesus – part 2 – TEP102

Last time, we looked at Glen’s poem that he wrote for the Youth Works Summit. In this episode, we consider the deeper, theological basis, and take a look at a number of scriptures.


Stop Giving Your Life to Jesus! – TEP101

Evangelists are well known for asking people to ‘Give Your Life to Jesus’, but what does that mean, and why should we stop doing that? Glen spoke at the Youth Works Summit.  You can see his 8min talk here: Stop giving your life to Jesus – Glen Scrivener Glen explains why he thinks why this is a problem, and offers a better way to present the Gospel.


100th Episode Anniversary Edition! – TEP100

We celebrate that you have stuck with The Evangelists’ Podcast for 100 episodes, covering over 2 years of content.  We take a look back at some of the highlights of the Podcast over the last 100 episodes. Do you have a favourite?  Why not leave a comment to say which was yours?




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