Join us in-person at the Speak Life Studios in Eastbourne for creative evangelism training with Glen Scrivener and Nate Morgan Locke. The June Intensive is happening 10th - 14th June 2024. Join us!

  • Meet the team, learn the craft and catch the vision

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    Where: Speak Life Studio, Eastbourne
    When: 10th – 14th June, 2024
    Cost: Early bird: £175, Regular: £200, Day: £50

    The Foundry Intensives are a chance to meet the team, catch the Speak Life vision and learn the craft of captivating proclamation with seminars, tutorials and hands on practicals.

    In June 2024, the theme will be ‘Ancient and Modern’. How can we uphold the distinctive and surprising nature of the gospel without being inaccessible? It would be easy to view ‘Ancient and Modern’ as a trade-off. But we think they go hand in hand. Intensives are best experienced over the whole week, but get in touch if you can only make a day or two – we’d love to welcome you – and with all new content our previous guests can come.

    Note, accommodation isn’t included.

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