Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our sparkly new website! I’m Glen, here’s my introduction to Speak Life

We want to captivate both church and world with the love of Jesus. We do it through creative, Christ-centred communication.

Perhaps you know us for our films. Go to our video page to find old favourites, stream new content, or download our resources for screening in church and beyond.

You might have read our books, but I bet you haven’t read all 10! Check them out here.

Do you know about our many training opportunities, including a year out programme, our regular training days and our intensive weeks exploring the intersection of theology, mission and creativity? Explore for yourself and tell a friend!

Have you seen the latest on 321? We are developing this popular gospel presentation as an all-new course. See where we’ve got to with Picture This (working title) — it’s SO exciting!

Did you know you can book one of us to proclaim Christ at your church, school, university, local pub, street corner — anywhere. Get in touch here

And are you able to partner with us in prayer and financial giving? All we do depends on the generosity of people like you. Join the hundreds of happy Speak Life Supporters who share the vision, pray for our ministry, and invest in this kingdom work.

Poke around the site. Find another article or 6. Binge some Speak Life videos, and tell all your friends. We want to see the church refreshed, resourced and re-evangelised with the love of Jesus that we might be full to overflowing—overflowing to a needy world so loved by our Father in heaven. We have a big vision which we’ll share with you increasingly over the next few weeks and months. Sign up to our regular emails and stay in the loop. We exist to help you love Jesus and share Jesus.

Every blessing in Him,

Glen Scrivener, Director of Speak Life.


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