Glen Scrivener

Glen is the husband of Emma, the father of Ruby and a minister in the Church of England who lives in Eastbourne, UK. Glen works as an evangelist, directing the ministry Speak Life. His evangelistic outline is called 321 and it comprises a book, a course, and many other resources. You can find his sermons and videos online.

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Paul Feesey

Paul grew up in Cardiff before moving to Nottingham to study theology at University. He worked at a church in Coventry for a short time before moving to Crowborough where he spent 8 years on the staff of All Saints Crowborough as Youth Minister. He is currently working part time as Associate Evangelist as Speak Life where he is responsible for creating evangelistic digital content for social media as well as speaking at events around the country. With the rest of his time, Paul runs his own guitar teaching business and enjoys films, food, keeping fit and spending time with his family.

Paul lives in Crowborough with his wife Becca and their two daughters.
Check out some of Paul’s Preaching below:

Jonah 1
Experiencing Rest
Alive in Christ
Esther: Two Queens
The Light
New Birth

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