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Perspective is everything. So how do you see life?


We want to give you a chance to slow down, get your bearings and look again.

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What is 321?

321 is a course that invites you to see life the way Jesus does.

Inspired by Jesus’ vision of reality, 321 is designed to help you think about God, the world and yourself through immersive videos and thoughtful illustrations.

Why 321?

321 immerses us in Jesus’ vision for life. Through it, we come to better understand the world around us.

3 stands for God’s three-ness. This is known as the Trinity. God is three persons united in love.

2 stands for the world’s two-ness. The world is shaped by two representatives. They’re Adam and Christ.

1 stands for our one-ness. By default, we’re one with Adam. Through faith, we can be united with Christ.

Who is 321 for?

321 is designed for anyone who has questions about life, meaning and purpose.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey of discovery or you’re well established in your worldview, 321 introduces you to Jesus’ vision for life in a way that’s clear and simple to understand.

How does 321 work?

321 comprises of 8 interactive video sessions designed to be completed at your leisure. Each session is around 20 min long and can be played, paused and accelerated to suit.

Presenter Glen Scrivener leads each session and offers the opportunity to think, question and test different worldviews.

Quick Questions
  • 321 is designed to help you think. And we all do this at a different pace. While each session lasts on average of 12 mins, you can play and pause the session at any point. You can even adjust the video speed to suit. Take all the time you need.

  • No prior knowledge is required to complete 321. Whatever your story or situation, this course is designed for your benefit and we’re glad you’re here.

  • You can see 321 on any internet connected device such as a phone, computer or tablet.


    Interested in seeing 321 in person and with others? 321 is also hosted by churches which allows for great conversation and discussion.

  • 321 is completely free. All that’s required is an email address in order to save your progress and pick up where you left off should you take a break.

Begin 321 today

Begin 321 today and discover life according to Jesus.

When beginning the course, you’ll be asked to create an account using an email address and password in order to save your progress and to be kept up to date with course developments.

321 at church

321 also works well in a group setting.

If you’re interested in hosting the 321 course in your church, contact below to download the leader’s guide and media pack.

get the 321 book

If you enjoy 321, why not get the book How To See Life: A Guide In 321.

It’s the 321 course companion guide that expands on the course sessions and features bonus content to help you delve deeper.

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