321 course

How does it work?

This version of the course runs over four sessions. (It would be possible to drop session one and do it in 3 sessions but this version makes most sense in 4 sessions). 

The sessions cover Jesus, God, the World and You

The logic is this: 

  1. We meet Jesus, our guide. It’s his vision of life that we’re exploring. Jesus will show us God, the World and Ourselves. 
  2. We explore God with Jesus as our guide. He introduces us to his Father and his Spirit— this represents God’s THREE-ness.
  3. We examine the World which is split between how it should be (as represented by Jesus), and how it is (as represented by Adam) — that’s the world’s TWO-ness.
  4. We look at Ourselves. We are born one with Adam but Jesus invites us to be one with him — that’s our ONE-ness.

The Session Structure

Each session runs, roughly, as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Talk A
  • Discussion
  • Talk B
  • Discussion
  • Q&A (Optional)
  • Close

The talks average about 9 minutes each so that the time given over to the talks each session is 20 minutes or less. We recommend discussion times of at least 15 minutes (though that can sometimes feel long if you’re running the course online).

The Q&A section can be really valuable. If kept short (or dropped) you could run a whole session in one hour (and perhaps if it’s online that’s best). But a duration of 75-90 minutes will give you more space to breathe.

The scripts, including the discussion questions for each talk, can be downloaded here.

If you do Q&A, please do note down the questions that are asked. That would provide really useful feedback as it will let us know where people need clarifications, etc.

Please send feedback to info@speaklife.org.uk and let us know how it’s gone.

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