Since 2011, Speak Life has been producing seasonal videos that have been viewed millions of times and used in thousands of church services and events. (See this playlist)

Below we offer multiple resources for Halloween, Remembrance Day, and three different resource packs for Christmas. In time we will offer Easter packs too.

We offer these resources free of charge but would ask that if you’ve been blessed by these resources you might consider helping us make more.

You can give online here, and we always appreciate a share on social media. Do like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube.

Every blessing as you speak life to others.

Halloween: Trick or Treat

Feel free to play our Halloween video in church and/or to share on social media.

In addition, here is:

Remembrance: To End All Wars

Feel free to play our video, To End All Wars (words here).

Here too is a 20 minute evangelistic talk given on Remembrance Day, 2014: War and Peace

Four Kinds of Christmas

On the Four Kinds of Christmas website, you will find many resources, including our video, our Four Kinds personality quiz and links to the book as well as other talks and videos.

Access image files for use in PowerPoints and publicity on this Dropbox folder (NB: Do not delete or move files from this folder, only copy or download).

Download this PDF with outlines of a single sermon and a four-sermon explanation of Four Kinds

Christmas: He Came Down

He Came Down is a video very close to our hearts. Please feel free to show it. Or to re-enact it. Download the PDF of our nativity and you can put on your own special needs nativity.

Christmas: Meet the Nativity

Meet the Nativity is a four-part, time-travelling, Christmas rom-com. You can freely show or share our episodes, including this 20 minute supercut edition.

If you want to use Meet the Nativity branding for your PowerPoints and invitations, find our brand assets here. (Please do not delete or move files from this folder, only copy or download).

If you want to show Meet the Nativity at your local church or cinema, here are the HD files:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
All 4 Episodes in one edit

We also have a resource pack that includes outlines for single sermon teaching, four-sermon teaching and, in case you want to stage it, the full script of Meet the Nativity (including bonus content that didn’t make it into the films).

Seasonal Videos Playlist (17 videos)

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