321 – The Course

Some people have stood tall in human history and gained a big following. Some people have claimed to be God walking planet earth. Jesus is the only person to belong to both those categories. In the history of the world no-one has made the kinds of claims Jesus made and been believed – by billions! Could he really be who he said he was? If he is, then he gives a unique angle on God, the world and ourselves. This video is about exploring that truth…

This is life according to Jesus


God is a loving union of THREE.


The world is shaped by TWO representatives.


You are ONE with Adam. Be ONE with Jesus.

If you want to explore any of those points further, here’s where we delve a little deeper


321 – The Book

‘You made it, well done! Let me take your coat and offer you a drink…’

If Christianity is a house, consider 321 ‘the grand tour’. You’re invited to step inside and have a look at the Christian faith from within. You’ll meet our guide, Jesus, who will take us through the house. We’ll explore the big issues: God, the world and ourselves. At the end we’ll sit down with a drink and you can ask your questions. How does that sound?

Perhaps you’re already familiar with Christian beliefs or maybe they are completely new to you. Whatever the case, this is a fresh telling of the Christian story that assumes no prior knowledge. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to explore. If that’s you then let’s take the tour in 3, 2, 1…

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