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Glen Scrivener

You can find many sermons that Glen has preached on his website, as well as below:


Paul Feesey

Paul grew up in Cardiff before moving to Nottingham to study theology at University. He worked at a church in Coventry for a short time before moving to Crowborough where he spent 8 years on the staff of All Saints Crowborough as Youth Minister. He is currently working part time as Associate Evangelist as Speak Life where he is responsible for creating evangelistic digital content for social media as well as speaking at events around the country. With the rest of his time, Paul runs his own guitar teaching business and enjoys films, food, keeping fit and spending time with his family.
Paul lives in Crowborough with his wife Becca and their two daughters.
Check out some of Paul’s Preaching below:

Jonah 1
Experiencing Rest
Alive in Christ
Esther: Two Queens
The Light
New Birth


Reading Between the Lines is a daily devotional taking you through the Bible a phrase at a time. From “In the beginning” to “Hallelujah” we travel through the Scriptures, famous line by famous line. Watch, share and subscribe to get a bird’s eye view of God’s big story and how Jesus is at the centre of it all.


The Speak Life Daily

For decades we have been publishing a regular prayer bulletin, collecting together inspiring stories of gospel advance around the world. This bulletin is eagerly received by about 5000 people across the world and inspires prayer for the global church and its mission. You can check out the latest edition here.

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The Evangelists’ Podcast

Each week Glen and Andy discuss how ordinary Christians can share our extraordinary gospel. We speak about a theology of mission, interview influential writers, pastors and evangelists and give practical advice on witnessing in the context of normal life

What About Other Faiths? St. Andrew’s University – SLP200
20th April 2018

This week’s podcast is a recording of a lunch bar given by Glen at St Andrew’s University mission week 2018, with the title What About Other Faiths? Subscribe to the Speak Life Podcast now! iTunes feed AndroidOther Feed Looking for More Podcasts? CLICK HERE!   Would you consider leaving us a rating on itunes, or stitcher?

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Is Science The Enemy Of Faith? LIVEcast – SLP199
6th April 2018

On this week’s LIVEcast we discuss the second and final part of our Thorny Questions video on science and faith: Is Science The Enemy Of Faith? We also discuss Jeremy Corbyn, anti-Semitism in the Labour party and mothers who regret having their children. Subscribe to the Speak Life Podcast now! iTunes feed AndroidOther Feed Looking for More

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Interview with James Cary – SLP198
23rd March 2018

James Cary is a comedy writer for the BBC. He has written for Miranda, Milton Jones and co-written Bluestone 4-2 for BBC 3. In this discussion, James and Glen discuss the ironies of the cross and the great happy ending which the resurrection brings.   Subscribe to the Speak Life Podcast now! iTunes feed AndroidOther Feed Looking

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Your Christ-centered approach and how He shapes everything and how the trinity shapes the gospel (what I get is Jesus) has been eye-opening for me. i am indebted to you! Thank you!

Reviving Christians

Duane Seaberg

I stumbled across this looking for something else and it caught my eye so I downloaded a few and I absolutely love it. Great practical conversation about sharing our faith. Keep it up guys!!!

Reviving Christians


Some fantastic stuff here folks! Really interesting and well worth listening to for some thought-provoking-question-asking material. A great resource for current Christian content and brings us up to date with what is happening in different ministries in Christianity. I highly recommend.

Reviving Christians


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