Why All These Rainbows?

During lockdown, many houses, at least in the UK, are displaying rainbows in their windows.

After the storm, the rainbow is a beacon of hope. We will get through this. And when we do, in the words of JRR Tolkein, “the sun will shine out the clearer.”

The idea of the rainbow as a symbol of hope is very old. It goes back to the greatest storm ever — the flood from the first book of the Bible, Genesis. After that terrible storm, God gave the rainbow as a sign that he would never again flood the earth. He set his bow — his war bow, his bow-and-arrow bow — up in the sky.

But notice: Which way is the bow facing?

It’s not aimed at earth. God promised not to judge the earth in that way again. No, the bow is pointed upwards… into the heart of heaven!

Easter Rainbows

This is why we’ve included the cross and the resurrection in this drawing. Easter lies at the heart of this scene — it ties into the ancient meaning of the rainbow and our modern usage. That’s because at the cross, the Prince of heaven took the judgement.

Jesus entered the suffering. He endured the storm — our storm — the one intended for us. But he came through it and into Easter peace. That’s the resurrection.

On Easter Sunday Jesus rose again beyond the storms and he invites us into his hope.

Right now we’re facing a storm, a trial. We’re facing global trouble. But remember Easter!

The Prince of heaven has come and joined us in our suffering. He has endured our judgement and sailed through the storm.

Do you have hope? This is a huge question right now, and the stakes are very high. Do you have hope??

You do if you have Jesus!

How To Use These Easter Rainbows

We have produced these Easter Rainbows to be placed in your windows as a sign to your neighbourhood of where true hope lies.

You can also use the Easter Rainbow as a Facebook Cover (see below), pointing your virtual neighbours to the same website.

On EasterMeansHope.com your friends and neighbours will find a simple website with videos to watch and links to churches and courses where they can explore Easter hope a bit further. Please do spread the word.

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Please download this Facebook Cover and add to your own profile

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